Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OOH My 5 months later

I can't believe it has been five long months since I last blogged.  SOO much has happened.  Lets see if I can catch you up.  First of all we did finally get off this island and into the states.  For Alan and the kids, it was the first time they had been off island in almost a year.  Alan claims that being back in the states wasn't overwhelming for him, but it was for the rest of us.  It took us a good two days to get to TX complete with a detour through Haiti, but we arrived and spent a great two months with the family.  We saw Jesse graduate and helped Chy celebrate her 30th.  It was wonderful.  So great in fact that when Alan left we were supposed to follow in a week.  We didn't.  We changed our plans three different times in fact.  Finally flying back to Gtmo the middle week of August.  We had time to connect with all our old friends and lots of family.  We got to celebrate Llaurel's 20th birthday with her and even got a chance to fly into GA and visit with my Dad and Step mom.  It was the best summer I have had, and I know the kids had the time of their lives.  They are still talking about it and are planning for next summer.  In fact I have turned down two jobs that would make being off island for the summer impossible, just in order to ensure their return to TX and GA.

So the school year started and although the kids still love going to school we are having some issues.  Poor Adam is struggling with reading and we are working like mad to try to get him up to speed.  I think he is improving, but it is a very slow process for him.  He does love his teacher and she is really does care about him and his ability to read.  She was Madie's teacher last year and so we have a great relationship with her.  It is great living in such a small place because you become close to those who are close to your kids.  As for Madie, she is still going strong is one of the strongest readers and mathematicians in her class.  BUT her teacher is a stick in the mud and only teaches by worksheet.  She does very little hands on activities which is beyond boring for the kids.  And then there is Maegan.  She is in Sure Start which is basically the Head Start program in the states.  I am NOT impressed.  For Maegan she is more than ready for kindergarten, but her birth date is too late in the year.  I can homeschool and we have talked about it, but for now she is getting some play time with kids on the island and it allows me to work.  So she is staying in for the time being.

Alan is still going ninety to nothing.  He finally started up the Cub Scout program here, which is taking up quite a bit of his time.  That said he is having a ton of fun with Adam and the other kids.  He has meetings every week and they play games and whatnot.  I am just so glad he has finally gotten the chance to start it up.  Of course that means he is the Cub Master rather than just a leader, but he is thrilled to have Cub Scouting active on the island again.  He has also learned the love of golf. While the kids and I were gone this summer he our friend Matt started golfing together.  They try and go once a week.  I still don't get the desire they have to smack a small ball with a stick, but Alan is having a great time.

As for me, where to begin.  I didn't really have any intention of going on and on about me, but as I sit here I realize that I have a ton of things going on.  I started substitute teaching this year.  I have subbed for both the elementary and high school, and although I can relate to the high/middle schoolers, I definitely like the elementary school subbing better.  They listen, plain and simple.  I have had a chance to sub for Madie's class and for Maegan's. Tons of fun in each one.  That takes care of the extra money.  Now for all the stuff that I do that isn't earning us cash, but is filling up my emotional/mental/spiritual bank.  I am the coordinator for both the book and cooking club, which is a ton fun. Book club is self explanatory, but for cooking club we choose a theme and then make something along the theme and then meet and share our cooking.  We have a blog in which we share all our recipes.  I am also the PTO secretary as well as just being voted in as the Spouses Club secretary.  And last but not least, I have been asked to teach the youth of our parish.  We have a few who are not ready for confirmation and I was asked to help these youth find their faith.  I am overwhelmed with the task of helping them find God, but I feel confident that God has called me to this and is working through me.  I am really enjoying myself and I think the kids are having a good time and actually learning something, as they regurgitate things I have taught them, and when I see them at the high/middle school they go out of their way to make sure and say hello.  In fact this week have subbed in each one of their classes, and they have been the most respectful. Oh that isn't the last thing.  I just had my first two Le Leche League meetings this past week as well.  I have had a lot new mom's needing help here and the hospital isn't providing any type of birthing education of breastfeeding education or help.  I realized that the new moms on this base really need help and so with the help of our WIC officer I am now leading meetings and offering breastfeeding help to anyone who needs it.  I think birthing classes will be soon on the way as well. 

Now for the present. Today is Maegan's 5th birthday.  How is it possible that our baby is already 5?  We had a Halloween party for her.  We painted the only 12 little pumpkins the island had and we played some games, ate a huge pumpkin cake Alan made and open her presents.  We had a ton of fun, but it makes me miss the days when all the kids we invited were little.  There were too many kids who got a bit bored and too many older kids who wreaked havoc.  But all in all a good party.

This week I am subbing, I think I already said that, and then on Friday we have the Fall Fest here at the school and on Saturday Alan and I along with our friends Matt and Monique are hosting a neighborhood block party.  And then finally we will be done with Halloween, only to get started with Cheer leading and Girl Scouts.  SOOO MUCH going on.  

Now that I have updated you all I promise to blog more often.  I send you all my love and prayers 

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